A 14-day detox cure.

Ginger & spices blend: 7 vials of 20 ml to dilute with water.

Boost your digestion.

To take everywhere.


For the first time, Archie has combined the power of the spices and plants best known for their digestive benefits (ginger, cayenne pepper, cardamom, juniper berries, etc.) with their tasty and iconic Archie cider vinegar.


Integrate your blends into your daily life, to avoid post-digestion rashes and experience a feeling of lightness immediately after taking it.

An unstoppable remedy for meals that are a little too copious and evenings that are a little too drunk.


Whether you want to use it as a detox cure for 14 days or as a joker during your outings, you will be amazed by its ability to make you feel instantly better!


Your blends remain living products, unpasteurized to preserve all their benefits. Normal deposits may be present in each of your vials and in no way affect their quality, quite the contrary.

Blend Detox Archie

21,00 €Price
  • One dose = 1/2 vial

    As a cure, 1/2 vial for 14 days in the morning on an empty stomach diluted in water.

    1 dose in water as a joker after a hearty meal or after a drunken evening.