An Amazonian treasure for the skin. For a healthy glow and tanned 100% vegetable.

80 tablets/ box. 


Rich in Bixin in synergy with Selenium, Urucum is a natural anti-oxidant that helps maintain the colour of the skin.
Bixin is similar to beta carotene: Urucum contains 100 times more bixin than beta carotene.

When the Portuguese arrived on Brazilian territory and entered the Amazon, they found that the Indians were coated with a red powder to protect themselves from the sun and mosquitoes! It was actually Urucum. The Portuguese named it “the Red Skins” after this meeting.

Urucum by Guayapi - The sun on your skin

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  • Very characteristic notes of saffron and mustard seeds. Can be used as a natural food colourant to obtain orange rust hues.